Hi! I’m Manuela

A patient gave me the best compliment ever:

You’re like my Medical Doctor, Psychiatrist, Psychologist and Priest all in the same person

I felt a blush come over me

and then I smiled

My interesting & challenging life always demanded

flexibility & spontaneity & trouble shooting

The Early Years

No wonder I’ve ended up in the coaching and alternative health field. As a sickly shy young girl I would have never thought I’d develop the healthy confidence I have today. On the other hand you could say my spiritual life started in my early teenage years where kidney stones became a day to day part of my life. After about 15 stones, any elimination diet you could think of and quite a few interventions & even a surgery I stopped counting. I had enough. The kidney stones subsided somewhat and I started seeing a pattern. Once I’ve realized what they were supposed to teach me, they finally stopped completely reocurring … So for well over a decade I suffered… a lot… until I didn’t have to anymore… Thank Goodness

The Corporate World

The universe continued to take charge of my life life and decided I should work and grow in the travel industry. After climbing the corporate ladder it wasn’t long before I was in management. I kinda liked it. Always something new to tackle, decisions to make, problems to solve. Well let’s just say there was never a dull moment.

Until one day when I saw an ad for Pan Am seeking a regional manager for the US Bases in Northern Germany. I had literally every requirement, but there was just a tiny problem… I did not speak English. Everyone thought I’m crazy to go for it, but I did. Well that opportunity changed my life and led to every further step in my career, meeting my husband and eventually transferring to Canada with American Express

My Heilkunst Health Clinic

Life has funny ways to mold you. Little did I know that I’d ever end up in the health field running my own business, being known as an expert providing alternative and complimentary healing options to thousands of people of the last twenty years.

Technology has it’s perks. It has allowed me to live my free hippie spirit to the fullest, combining what I love. Travelling the world while assisting people reach their individual goals, wether health, lifestyle, relationship, parenting. So, what’s not to love? My only concern is to schedule the right time zone.

“How can a “calling” be so rewarding?” I often marvel. Not simply the lifestyle it affords me to live but rather the gratitude I feel knowing the life I’ve impacted of so many people are rippling further into their lives and in turn keep touching more and more people as time goes on

The Later Years

Seeing your fully stocked container pulling out to meet you on the other side of the world was one of the weirdest and happiest moments in my life. That’s almost a lifetime ago. It’s been already twenty five years that I’m living in the Ottawa Valley, Canada, hold two passports, have two grown boys that turned into wonderful young men starting their own journey. My chocolate lab Dixie keeps me straight and ensures I’ll never end up a couch potato.

For me it’s a thrill to experience all kind of things. So it was when I’ve build my new house. I learned how to do electrical work, did my own tiling, put a wood ceiling un, pine floor ins, painted, but probably the biggest memory and experience I left my boys with was, we were completely & totally off-grid!

I didn’t even have a fridge but did with an ice box instead … BY CHOICE!

It was an awesome experience and I loved it, while everyone around me shook their head in disbelief and concern. Can you tell, I love learning, growing and experiencing?! After six years the universe had some other experiences in tow for me…so my life changed again

My stint in Egypt was born

was it easy? absolute not
was it fun? most of the time

was it worth it? Absolutely… beyond measures

in any part of your life?

Let me help you!

I’m so excited to be here today to inspire you on your journey to YOUR happy “sexy” self

Believe me… I know what it’s like! It took me decades to feel comfortable embracing my true authentic self… my free hippie spirit

And no… it wasn’t always easy, but it was so freeing, so powerful to find my voice & comforting to finally trust my intuitions

Your journey to your

happy “sexy’ self

starts here